A Murrieta Hair Salon

A Murrieta Hair Salon

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Your Hair and Silk Pillowcases

Have you had a visit from the Hair Fairy recently?
Tired of morning bed head?

Did you know that silk pillowcases can help your hair?
A silk pillowcase is exceptionally smooth
which helps to avoid friction of the hair shaft while you are sleeping.
This smooth surface can help eliminate hair breakage, frizzies, and tangles,
which sometimes occur while you are sleeping.
Silk pillowcases also keep you cooler
which results in less perspiration around your hairline.
Less moisture helps your hairstyle stay intact even while you sleep.

Besides the hair benefits silk pillowcases provide'
they feel amazing on your skin.
Who doesn't love the feel of silk?
Try sleeping on silk,
 your hair will thank you for it!

Silk Pillowcases make a great gift too!

Belleza Hair Salon in Murrieta.

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