A Murrieta Hair Salon

A Murrieta Hair Salon

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Beauty of Different; Observations of a Confident Misfit

Being unique and different is part of what makes us beautiful.

Author and photographer Karen Walrond totally agrees with that statement.  She has taken a really cool journey, through photos and written observations, "on the ways in which we find people who display individuality and uniqueness intriguing, even as we collectively strive to be more like these people every day".   Her book, “The Beauty of Different; Observations of a Confident Misfit”, chronicles that journey.

This beautiful message is something we all need to hear.
Embracing our own beauty is part of finding happiness.
Beauty is both inside and out.

Celebrate your beautiful uniqueness!
Belleza Hair Salon in Murrieta.

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