A Murrieta Hair Salon

A Murrieta Hair Salon

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Save a Life Today

Did you know that getting your hair done could actually be a humanitarian act?
  It is true.
 You could save a life today with just one simple appointment.

Belleza Hair Salon in Murrieta.
Save a life today!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kate Middleton's Hair

In case you are wondering what Kate Middleton will be doing with her hair for her upcoming wedding on April 29th, only her hairdresser, Richard Ward knows for sure.  It is rumored that she will be wearing it down in her signature “free-spirited, flowing locks style”.  Even though most royal brides decide on complicated updos, Kate reportedly has decided to break the trend and add a bit of casual romance to the whole formal affair.

If you are looking for a crown or something sparkly atop her head for the royal day, you might be disappointed in that area too.  The traditional tiara has been cast aside for the simpler look of fresh flowers in her hair.  

Wouldn’t you like to be a fly on the wall in the Richard Ward Salon in Chelsea, London this Friday as Kate gets primped for her day?

Everyone likes to be treated like a princess when she has her royal wedding.  
At Belleza Hair Salon in Murrieta 
every one of our clients are royalty to us!  
Make your appointment today!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Ombre Hair

Does it look like you might need to touch up your roots?  Perhaps it is just the sexy new hair style trend that has surfaced this fall called the Ombre.  
Actress Drew Barrymore rocked the scene with it and the new style seemed to take off.

The Ombre basically looks like you are due for a color touch up but in a good way. The roots are dark and long, and the highlights pick up at your cheekbone.  

Having dark roots is turning out to be a huge trend this winter… probably because…
  • 1) It is a low-maintenance hair color technique. It is a fairly easy hair color to keep up.
  • 2) It is an anti-aging hair color trick. Remember when you’d get sun in the summer as a kid your hair would lighten drastically, then by winter you’d have the Ombre look naturally.  The Ombre reminds us of that youthful look.
  • 3) Ombre is an easy transitional color trend if you are trying to grow out your roots. Even though the style is done “on purpose”, it can be a great way to outgrow your color.
  • 4) Ombre is just fun and trendy… need we say more?

So... if you are thinking about a blonde hairstyle but have feared it wouldn’t be right for your complexion, Ombre hair might be a nice compromise.  Keep your natural color closer to your face and transition as light as you dare at your ends.

Remember… trying this at home might not give you the desired results you want, but done right it could be very flattering.

The Ombre… what do you think?  Are you digging the look?

Belleza Hair Salon in Murrieta

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Here Comes The Bride

One of the things we love about doing hair 
is that we get to be part of great celebrations.  
Weddings are one of our favorite times to do hair.  
Especially the brides hair!  

Getting beautiful for the big day is part of the fun!

Doesn't she look amazing!
Belleza Hair Salon in Murrieta
Let us be part of your special day!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tyler Glenn's Mohawk

Hair is a very important factor in the entertainment industry.  The world shook yesterday with the news of Justin Biebers new haircut and then started spinning out of control with the unveiling of Jennifer Aniston's new haircut too.

Imagine our surprise when this morning we discovered an entire Facebook page devoted to Tyler Glenn's Mohawk.

Tyler Glenn is the lead singer for the group Neon Trees, whose music has been taking the world by storm.  Their hit single Animal has reached number 1 on the charts.  But not only do Neon Trees have a great sound, they have incredible taste when it comes to their fashion, more specifically their HAIR!

We know Tyler Glenn is the one who usually commands the scene with his Mohawk, but check out the retro asymmetrical look Elaine, the drummer, is sportin'! The look is amazing.... Check it out....

Way to rock it guys!

Belleza Hair Salon in Murrieta.  

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Justin Bieber Got A New Haircut

There has been a HUGE shake up in the atmosphere (no not the New Zealand  quake),  we just heard the news of Justin Bieber's new hair cut!

Last night Justin Tweeted: “ yeah so it’s true… i got a lil haircut… i like it… and we are giving all the hair cut to CHARITY to auction.  Details coming soon”   

TMZ got the exclusive, but shared... that his haircut was done by his regular hairdresser, Vanessa. (Go Vanessa, it's your birthday...gonna party...like it's your birthday!) They reported that he said he was a little nervous about the cut, but he "wanted to change it up" and he thought the cut was "kind of a mature look."

Now the big question is....

How do you like Jusin's new look? And...
Do you think the NEW Bieber Fever will catch on?

Belleza Hair Salon in Murrieta, where we are just dying to know what you think!

After all things this big in the hair industry don't happen just everyday now!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Paul Mitchell Super Skinny

If you are looking for a product that will help repair frizzy, unruly hair, then the Paul Mitchell Super Skinny products are the thing for you.

Both the Daily Shampoo and the Daily Treatment will soften and smooth your hair so that you look like you just came out of a salon!

Get your Paul Mitchell 
Super Skinny Products
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